Elecsys: Helping companies mould a green future

Elecsys: Helping companies mould a green future

In these times when the world is facing an issue as grave as climate change & consumption of
plastic is indispensable, it requires responsible management on the part of businesses to reduce
wastage in manufacturing processes & disposal of plastic in a manner that helps environmental
conservation & offsets emission of greenhouse gases using efficient production technologies.

It is indeed a cause for concern when the magnitude of waste produced by the plastic industry has
increased to almost 5x the permissible limit globally.

While technological advancement of production methods has failed to keep up with the increase
in demand or to reduce wastage. According to an estimate, only 90% of plastics produced are
used, the other 10% are contaminants that reach our oceans & dumping grounds that cannot be

We at Electrowarm Industrial Solutions (Elinso) understand the gravity of the situation & have
done our bit to reduce the carbon footprint of the plastic manufacturing industry by introducing
a proprietary technology, ElecSys to reduce production wastage. Our social responsibility goes
beyond words and includes far-reaching practical solutions to minimize the waste that is
produced in the process of making any plastic utility for your homes, businesses & city

In a country like India where per capita consumption of plastic is about 11kg annually, a
whopping 86 Billion Kilograms of Greenhouse gases is emitted during production & incineration
of plastics. As a responsible business, it was hard to digest the magnitude of waste generated
during a plastic product’s life cycle. Out of this waste, almost 2% is production wastage that
takes place while processing plastics to the end product.

ElecSys technology helps some of the leading players in the plastics industry reduce their
production wastage by 15% through better heat management using our range of industrial
heaters. Our products ensure lesser heat loss during the first two hours of the production cycle
helping machinery reach the required temperature quickly & consequently helps to reduce the
carbon footprint of the production life cycle.

Serving a customer base which produces 1million ton of plastic products every year and
fulfilling close to 10% of their industrial heater requirements, we have contributed in reducing
greenhouse emission by close to 1.6 Million kilograms a year. To put it in perspective,this is
equivalent to the amount of Oxygen produced by almost 13000 Trees in a year!

Elecsys technology is an honest attempt by our organization to stretch its R&D capabilities for
simplifying production processes & reducing plastic waste so the planet can breathe a little
better & ecology can be preserved through sustainable development.

– Karan Karan Chief Designing Officer “Elecsys Technology”. 

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