Importance of Mental Health: Say it out Loud

Mental health

Say It Out Loud is a mental health initiative founded by Ms Sadaf Khan and co-ordinated by Ms Anubha Gupta. With the passage of time and increase in the growth of mental health patients, it has become quite important to take extensive care of mental health.

Moreover, say it out loud focuses on helping the people in need without the greed of money. They have started working scrupulously since the lockdown. Their main focus lies in improving the quality of life by motivating people. It is understood that every living being has its set of bagged problems, if we cannot solve them then we can at least motivate the person to fight them.

Since the beginning of the ‘Say it out loud’ initiative, various people have been very supportive and true to their word. Through social media platforms, people like Mohit, Renu, Anuradha, Akash, Radha, Akshat, Mehak, Ayushi, Pragya, Azal, Jahanvi, Santosh, Jyoti and many more have extended their support in raising this community.

All of these supporters belong to different professions and have no link with each other. This makes us realize that no profession or work is tension-free, anyone and everyone can go through stress and anxiety which they cannot curb.

They have also started a live series with Sadaf to talk about the set of problems our guests have faced and still standing strong. Their first live guest was Mr Mohit Dwivedi who is an impressive writer and has risen from the first and their second live guest will be Ms Deepayani Srivastava who is a dancer and loves to share her feelings through dance.

Their live guests belong to varied professions and have faced a variety of problems on the way. There are few people who have asked for our support and for the same some of the mental health experts have joined hands with them.

In this week they will also be focusing on video call sessions with our survivors to help and motivate them. Say it out Loud says ‘We want to make sure that we do not have any greed for money, we are working on it for free of cost and will be helping people without any need for money’.

The main aim of Say it out loud lies in working selflessly for each and everyone out there who needs help or just a person to talk to. Do support!

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