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How to stay fit during lockdown: Top 3 major tips to stay healthy and be in shape

Workout at home

Lockdown amid coronavirus has surely affected fitness lovers and their daily routine. Many amongst us think that they have already lost the track of their daily workout regimen but how long are we going to sit back and wait for things to get back normal again, instead trying out these quintessential work-out routines can help you revert your gains.

If we question ourselves that is it just the lockdown thing which is not allowing us to focus on our health and fitness then most probably the answer will be no, maybe it’s just an excuse conquering our minds, further getting conquered in our actions and ultimately our results.

Relax, your fitness goals aren’t getting affected. Following these major tips will not only help you in balancing your daily fixture but will also provide you with the best results efficiently in the pandemic.

Home work-out is never a bad idea

We can start our home work-out sessions anywhere we feel like. It can be our living room, hall, balcony and most ideally our terrace. All we need is our own bodyweight to hit big on our muscles. Yes, bodyweight training or resistance training is the best form of muscle building and strength training techniques that uses the individual’s own weight to provide resistance against gravity. Exercises such as burpees, squats, push-ups, dips, lunges and pull-ups not only train your core but help you tone up your entire body.

Diet and nutrition

diet and nutrition

Along with workout, we must focus on our diet and nutrition which is the most important aspect when we generalise health and fitness. We must keep a count on the daily calories and the source of nutrition in priority. Calculation of the daily intake of macro and micronutrients will help you in understanding your body type in a better way certainly.
Incorporate your diet with a lot of protein-rich food and balanced carbohydrate meals. This is surely a better time to avoid unhealthy food and boost your immune system with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Yoga and meditation

Now’s a great time to add meditation into your daily routine. This will not only help you in promoting your emotional health but will also ameliorate in reducing stress, anxiety and lengthening attention spans. Yoga and meditation can play a pivotal role in fighting against your addictions. Meditating daily for 20-25 minutes increases your mental clarity and focus as well. Yoga is one such gem which helps you in improving your cardio and circulatory health leaving aside its benefits associated with body flexibility and vitality.

Many of us have already built our own small gym purchasing few of the necessary gym equipments which is not a bad idea but the most common question is can we train our entire body with just a pair of dumbbells. In that case, a small gym kit can help you a lot for full-body training.

Well, we can add resistance bands to our daily workout regime. Resistance bands provide greater muscle stimulus and the variable resistance applied through the full range of motion of an exercise. Using resistance bands you can unlock many more exercises and hit each muscle without investing a lot of your money in purchasing expensive weights or machines.

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