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Aspiration for UPSC: A road to LBSNAA


LBSNAA has always been a dream Institute for all the aspirants who wants to serve his/her country through civil services. It’s an institute (in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand) where the best in the country are trained to shoulder the responsibility of the peace of our country and ultimately the progress of our nation.

Usual thoughts in the minds of the aspirants.

Will I be able to achieve such a target and if not, then? UPSC is believed to be one of the most difficult examinations worldwide surely without dissembling and the only way to achieve is with sincere dedication.

Each student has some great competitors in the league but one should not forget that – maybe the starting line of the race is not the same for all but the ultimate focus has to be on the finishing line. You have to donate yourself an allotted time and some great efforts to go through it.

The bitter truth is that if you achieve your goal then it is more of like a blossom and if not then a sandy desert. Each one of us have our own reasons as to why am I interested in becoming a civil servant and not a regular office-goer. The reason has to be a robust one, as it will keep us drifting towards our ultimate goal.

It is never about the educational background which you carry for the reason that everyone is allowed to prepare and appear for the examinations and moreover serve your country at the most prestigious position. More or less, each entrant shares almost the same dream and destiny but the pathway to the destination is not the same for all. The irony is, your journey is never the straight one just like the roads to Mussorie.

Most of the aspirants seek help by consulting all the kinds of people associated to the exam, but as it is said that ‘Too many cooks spoil the broath’ also leads you to nowhere. One should go for the resources that are authentic and convenient.

Preparations for the exam is certainly very gruelling but one has to keep patience and perseverance as we have this famous saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’ which defines it all. You just have to keep your catapult in the right direction and keep going.

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