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Criticism of Kabir Singh. Fair or not?

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer much-awaited movie Kabir Singh has hit the theatres and has smashed all the previous records of any Shahid Kapoor starrer film. The movie is a Bollywood remake of the 2017 Tollywood blockbuster Arjun Reddy starring Vijay Sai Deverakonda and Shalini Pandey. The box office collection of Kabir Singh has proved how much love and endearment the film is receiving.

But then you have these unwanted reviews of self-acclaimed movie critics defaming such great work of acting and direction by calling the film’s lead character ”misogynistic” and things like ‘ The movie promotes toxic masculinity and patriarchy and is glorifying such people who have these habits’. Like seriously? Half of the people already don’t give a shit about what a movie critic says and the rest half, who at least have some interest in what they speak, consider them as ‘unemployed and jobless’. So, before you make any such idiotic opinion towards the movie let’s have a look at some of the areas which needs to be talked about now.

I think this feministic approach towards everything becomes senseless after a point of time and it is very important for all of us to understand or perceive that every character portrayed on the big screen cannot be always perfect and kind. To bring out the flawed characters is also a part of cinema and audience is sensible and intelligent enough to understand that getting influenced from such roles is a no-brainer.

You cannot criticize a movie just because the character in the film is not meeting all your feministic qualities or is playing a blemished role. Afterall it is just a movie. It’s high time now. Movie critics and these so-called Feminists need to expand their areas of thoughts before putting out an opinion. Can you please allow the filmmakers to use their creative space? It is not always about women and men, sometimes it is also about a story of an imperfect man who is facing his most difficult times after a heart-break. How can one relate his alcoholic behaviour (where in one scene he says now I have to come out from these ‘bad’ habits) to a normal routine that youths might get influenced to? Ok, tell me how can you present a ‘self-destructive’ person on screen without getting him involved in such activities?

There are scenes in the movie where he asks Preeti (the character played by Kiara) to go and talk to her father like a ”Women” where women symbolises of strong and brave behaviour.

These reviews and opinions can really make you upset that how can one ignore the brilliant acting by Shahid and Kiara and of course an out of the league Direction by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. A lot of hard work and efforts goes in constructing a film, so you should also look on the positive side of the story and treat it just like a movie which focuses mainly on the love and strong connection of both the lead characters.

In general, if you observe then most of us have either been in or have gone through such phases of life where a person is so broken or desolated that it becomes difficult for him to understand what is right or wrong? And moreover, if you have watched the movie, you’ll realise that Kabir (a character played by Shahid) is not violent or aggressive only with the girls around him (generally what misogynistic means) but also with his friends and family.

Critics have targeted few scenes which according to them are objectionable, but if you are a smart audience then you’ll never understand the logic behind the criticism of such scenes. As a matter of fact, the movie is equally loved by the girls and women as well, keeping aside over-feminist communities.

Movie critics should now digest a fact that every movie doesn’t gift you with an inspirational or a role-model type of character but the existence of such grey characters are equally a part of cinema and can be presented in front of the public. Rest they should leave on the audience how they take it as, if the viewers of our Hindi cinema have evolved then it’s the right time for the critics to step into the same.

5 Reasons why you should watch Kabir Singh

1 Arjun Reddy, no doubt was a fantastic movie but Kabir Singh has many other things to offer, especially to the North Indian audience. It seems like a completely new journey of a different person with a different state of mind.

2. Shahid Kapoor has given one of the best performance of his career. It seems like he has lived the character. You can see the anger in his eyes in the required portions of the film and love and care subsequently in the designated scenes. It is absolutely a treat to watch him pull off such a grey character after Haider and Udta Punjab.

3. Music of the film is perfectly placed at the right positions and will never disappoint you.

4. Sandeep Reddy Vanga has directed the movie better than before and proves that he is a master storyteller and can break all cinematic grammar to tell this tale of intense passionate love. His unique way of presenting a story sets him apart from others.

5. The movie is very relatable and this is why it is getting so much love from the youth. It is surely one of the most unique love stories Bollywood has ever come across. The freshness in the plot keeps you tied with your seats even for the 3 hours of duration.

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