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‘Mantoiyat’ a show on legendary writer Manto was organised by ‘The Modern Poets’ on 11th May.

11th May has always been a remarkable day in the calendar of literature. 107 years ago, an Urdu prose writer Sa’adat Hasan Manto took birth in the village of Samrala located in Ludhiana. This Veteran writer is recognized even today for his bold and dark ink and it is evident to say that he is still alive as ‘Manto’.

On this auspicious occasion of his 107th birth anniversary, a Delhi based literature community named ‘The Modern Poets’ have organised a show called ‘Mantoiyat’ to pay a tribute to this legendary writer.

The show was organised in ‘Studio Safdar’, situated in Shahdipur. It was a full bagged show of which tickets were sold out 3 days prior to the event. As already mentioned ‘Manto’ is known for his bold and dark ink as a result of which he had to face a lot of criticism for his stories.

Each moment he was summoned for his work. But the best part about his personality was that he had an unbreakable will for his work. Even the financial crisis couldn’t break his incorrigibility towards the truth that he wrote down back in the time.

He never allowed anyone to change even a single word from his write-ups. Instead, he offered a new one for them, if unsatisfied. Contrary to the other writers he never wrote about love. He has always been a mirror to the society, which was very difficult to be looked at.

Youth in today’s era have not only read him but also find his ideology to be relevant enough. Manto is not a part of literature, but he himself is literature. Inspired by his ideology, team ‘The Modern Poets’ have organised this show ‘Mantoiyat’.

Members of the TMP family displayed the presence of ‘Manto’ through few enormous and mesmerizing acts.

Multiple art forms were used to put out forward a single ideology. Approximately, more than hundred literature lovers gathered to pay homage to the veterinary writer and experience him more deeply. Mantoiyat was hosted by Nikki Mahar and it began with an unplugged session where melodious self-composed songs were presented by a music band called ‘Untuned Session’.

The show was taken ahead by ‘Mukhavaran’ theatre group. They performed an act titled “Ta’aaruf-e-Manto” which was a theatrical representation of Manto’s character and glimpses of his stories.

RJ Sayema’s storytelling session of Manto’s ‘Sahaay’ was like an icing on the cake. Sayema who is a radio-jockey was also the Special Guest for the show. Manto’s magic with the beautiful voice of RJ Sayema took the listeners completely into a world of Manto’s story. After the story reading session, there was an interactive session between the audience and RJ Sayema. This session resolved the curiosity of the audience towards the veterinary writer.

Next, we had Mid-Night-Walkers (a musical trio) who performed the ‘Manto Anthem’. It was also written and composed by them. The show was further opportuned by the self-composed rap song of Harshit and Mohit Dwivedi who is also a founder of The Modern Poets. Mohit also had his storytelling session with a story called ‘Baarish’ which made the listeners tune to no words.

Towards an end of the show, the audience was providential to witness a mono act performed by the co-founder of TMP Anshul Joshi which left the audience in tears. ‘Hadsa’ an act inspired by Manto and written by Anshul was the perfect end to the show.

The show was supported by Chocopal and Vishalakshi Foundation and covered by Eddy photography. This successful show wouldn’t have been possible without the teamwork displayed by each and every member of ‘The Modern Poets’.

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