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This article is not an ordinary one because the agenda behind it is not. Well, we’re talking about stammering. Hey, before you go nuts over like who talks about something that causes trouble in talking itself, remember, stammering is not a disease.

Stammering or Stuttering is a problem that affects one in a hundred worldwide. Now imagine yourself being the one in the hundreds who suffer being stucked in between words and the rest of those 99 who never understand your condition. I guess that would be something really depressive.

Stammering is a communication and disfluency disorder where the flow of speech is interrupted. People who stammer too often feel self-conscious about their physical expressions and the task of speaking suddenly becomes too heavy knowing that they’re prone to be mocked or looked upon as unusual by those around.

People underestimate their abilities and in the worst scenario they give up on their dreams, aspirations and sometimes life.

However, Art has a different perspective to it. An important feature of art is that it is challenging and accessible. Art never judges, people do and that is where most of the people who stammer give up thinking it’s in their mouth while it is not. Certainly, it is in the mind and that is absolutely correctable.

We have legends, who suffered from various degrees of stammering in their lives. The list includes Scattman John, Abraham Lincoln, Marylin Monroe, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Emily Blunt, Bruce Willis and many more. Today imagining the world without them is quite impossible.

What’s important, is that to an artist the art is important and not the judgemental ones.

Recently on 20th May’ 2019, The Modern Poets, a revolutionary group of poets and artists have come up with a brilliant short film, YES! I STAMMER, that particularly describes a struggle of a guy named Mohit who later on overcomes stammering after a series of exciting events in his life. It is a complete dose of motivation that would bring you one step close to your dreams. Watch the short film, thank me later and remember.

“Don’t limit your challenges, Challenge your limits”- Anonymous

Alkesha – The Reportist

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