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5 ways to ‘Be your own Dhoni’

Are you sitting in the dugout and waiting for someone to play out the opposition? Or are you standing on the non-striker end, wishing to be the spectator of a miracle? Is that OK for you? Because the same is reflected in the second inning of your life?

If you are a cricket fan, then you must have heard about MSD. Ever watched him playing? His method of approaching the game is a lesson for the inning of your life. Take your game till the last over and hold your nerves and let the opponent feel the pressure. These lines might sound counterfeits on reading but are very realistic and practical on implementing.

Let’s drift the conversation towards a more closer vision of how MSD conceptualizes things with such ease.

Key points of MSD’s approach:


An opponent can never judge what MSD is going through. It’s rarely seen that he’s expressing his feelings on the pitch. No matter what you are suffering from, never let the other person know your exact situation. Control your emotions and try not to stumble your feelings by publicizing the noise that it never attained.

Your calm and composed behaviour can make you look confident and strong from outside and can actually help in achieving what you have always thought of. You gradually learn to overcome your negative thoughts which the society and people around you have propelled upon you.


The increasing required rate can’t break his nerves. MSD will always display the opponent that things are under his control. Similarly, it is extremely important for each one of us to understand that by being patient you can actually wait longer and longer for your hard work to pull off at it’s best.

Patience makes you more rigid to face the circumstances and deal with it wholeheartedly. You develop a feeling which notifies you not to break, as you have nothing to lose ahead.


Dhoni’s positive approach towards the game indicates his strong self-belief. If you start believing in yourself, then the entire world believes in you. It is very crucial to deduce self-belief in your roots to make other people understand how much self-assured you are of your own things.

People around you in your team or your workplace, will develop a sense or a feeling of trust and admiration on your work or opinions.


He’s always aware of the happenings on the field. No matter how abstruse or complicated the situation is, you should try and try to be more in present, always. You can never be creative if you are not present in a particular situation physically and mentally.

The decisions that you make depicts your real picture, presence of mind is very important to deliver the right thing at the right time. You have to be very much aware of the happenings that you might face after a certain course of action and if you are not ready to take the blame upon you, then you are actually not mature enough to be responsible for the things that you will create for you.


When he is behind the stumps, batsmen needs to think before crossing his line. It’s worthless to throw at MSD’s running end. Whether loss or victory, he’s always not out.

If the opposition can set a total for you, then all you need for victory is an extra walk of about 22 yards. Walking on the moon was a matter of prose or poetry, but the patience to complete the innings made it a reality. Win or Defeat shouldn’t be the priority. You should focus upon staying on the striker’s end till the last ball and let your talent do the rest.

It’s high time. Be on the striker’s end. Build your inning over by over. Make your opponent think again and again. Just make a plan and executive it to the fullest. Take your inning to the last over and finish it off in style. So all you need to do is, “BE YOUR OWN DHONI”.

Adarsh Bajpai – The Reportist

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