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Things you need to focus on, to become a great communicator

‘Communication’ is a Latin word which means ‘to share’, sharing of thoughts, opinions or let’s say information. But having said that, it is extremely important to predominantly understand what communication in a real sense is? The method or the way in which we are communicating, is it actually making sense? or the other person is interested in knowing what you are trying to deliver?

There must be many people around you who are exceedingly talkative, they are a sort of speaking machines. While having any kind of communication with them, don’t you feel like escaping or scampering from the place after a while? Well, it happens with almost all of us. Do you wanna lie on the same spot?

Here are a few essential tips or points that you must keep into your minds while communicating with people around you.

Learn to Listen

Once you are clear with what you want to say, now you need to focus on the approach that you are making. While having a discussion with anyone you must first pivot your thoughts on what he/she is saying. LIsten as much as you can, until he/she is done.

Try not to interrupt in between. It breaks the flow of conversation and instantly you are considered as ‘not a good listener’. It is very natural to ask questions or clear your thoughts but one must wait till the completion of the other person’s statement.

The more you listen, the more you can answer. It turns out to be a privilege for a person to communicate with people like you. They enjoy talking to you and most importantly, they also tend to hear you.

Be Precise

Now, it is one of the most crucial aspects of good communication. Whenever you are talking to an individual or a group of people, you must reminisce about how short and precise you can be.

Almost each one of us is interested in knowing your thoughts, experiences or whatever it may be in short and exact context. We are humans and we can’t keep ourselves quiet for very long, yes believe me it’s true so we always want the other person to end his/her conversations accurately taking no time.

Get out of yourself

How many times have you come across people who are always ready to apprise their own instances, the moment you end yours? Don’t you think it becomes irritating after a point of time? This is also among one of those fundamental things that you must keep in mind while conversing with people.

In most of the cases, no one is interested in listening about your own experiences that you have gone through. Agree? Ask yourself, do you enjoy the conversation when it is entirely about the other person? You’ll get your answer.

Always think of those key points which can balance the interest quotient of the person to whom you are proceeding your discussion with.

Observe more and more

Ok! So now, you are heading towards a job interview or an important panel discussion with an extremely knowledgeable person. How will you make yourself ready for the chat? Observation is one such art which has been literally proven as the most fruitful and productive at the same time.

While communicating with an individual or even the mass, initially you need to figure out what the other person wants to hear It is very important to read the body language secretly. While he/she is speaking, find ways how you can leave an impression at the moment you start your conversation.

Observation can make you ready and moreover confident because now you have hacked the fellow person’s mind and can gift him with things he had exactly wished for.

Be a questionnaire wherever required

There is nothing wrong in asking questions, it is the key to gaining information and without it, interpersonal communications can fail.

Reporters and entrepreneurs are the biggest examples who have excelled this art of questioning. When you put up a question, it also makes the other person realise that you are listening to his/her context and also makes people alert physically and mentally. If you’re not sure you understand what the other person is saying, repeat your interpretation, and ask if you got it right,

You can raise questions after completing your statement and ask your audience to confirm that their point has been understood.

Be empathetic

Let’s talk on how being empathetic at times can value your words. Learn to validate the other person’s perspective and on doing so you’ll realise that many times people are not bad in conversing but it’s just that they’re probably reacting to the situation with the knowledge they have.

Ask yourself that, are you trying for winning the conversation or making a point which is valid enough for the person to get convinced. It is very important for you to imagine yourselves on the same spot and answer accordingly. Listen, agree and then you can keep your point or opinion.

Argumentation and building relations are two different things. The day you will understand both the terms specifically, the same day you’ll start growing as an orator.

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