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Don’t hide my sky

Greenery of plants

That mesmerizing and pleasant greenery is not as pleasant as it looks. Such landscapes embedded on your retina are making you blind. They’re stopping you from extracting the best out of the ongoing moment. This is not the reality but an illusion.

They are acting as a barricade between you and your senses. They are trying to extract originality out of you.

That terrace made up of leaves and branches is acting as a limit to your vision. No doubt it’s pleasant, but it’s not your cup of tea. The vast greenery is overshadowing the variety offered by the deviating angles of the beam of light.

Our eyes are affected by the illusionary vastness of that green world in respect to the blue. Just look at that ray out of the beam which finally succeeded to deviate through my eye lens, reminds me of someone unknown. That ray inspires me.

That blue is similar to the purest fire enlighten within me. Our world is similar to that vast scattered sky.

My every breath is sending vibratory signals to those green immature barriers, which can’t be decoded by them. It only appeals “DON’T HIDE MY SKY”.

Adarsh Bajpai – The Reportist

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