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Comfort diss-comforting life !!

Hey, you sitting on a chair and hypocritically busy on your cellphone, look here, I’m talking to you. And you the one lying on the bed, playing PUBG all night and sleeping all day long. I have a question for you. Ever faced odds in life? Ever stood on your own two feet. The behaviour of dissipation isn’t gonna feed you.

What is the discomfort in your opinion?

Mis-happenings can occur at any stage of our life. You may have faced many odds in your life but the day hunger hits you, it would be a back-breaking experience. Hitting back hunger is surely not your cup of tea at present. Your parents have given you a well-established life and did all that it takes to fulfil all your needs. Are you even aware of the back story and the hardships your parents have gone through. Can you do the same? Most of you may answer a yes but you are well versed with the reality. The real life exists outside the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Comfort is making our life lonelier than ever. The child brought up in a lavish lifestyle won’t be able to face life challenges as readily as the unprivileged one. He/She will never find a way for themselves when left helpless on the battlefield of life.

The comfortable life has lead to a drastic increase in stats of suicide in youth. It is the second most common reason for death in the age group between 15-29 years. They find suicide an easy way to escape all discomforts. They lack the courage to fight back or face an uncomfortable situation. In accordance to the stats published by WHO, almost 8,00,000 commit suicide every year, which is equivalent to one person in 40 seconds.

Life is a gamble where you can’t decide what is going to happen next, you can only predict. Let’s have a look at some side effects of a comfortable life:

1) Lack of progress
If your are comfortable with what you have, it will never allow you to move ahead in life. You will always remain on the same level.

2) Lack of desire
Desire is the key to progress. Desire leads to hunger of opportunities and the one who converts opportunities into achievements is the one who rules the life.

3) Hinders growth
Comfort is a great obstruction to the growth. It restricts you from exploring qualities in you. Discomfort can lead you to a better life and help you to explore.

4) Lack of interest
It makes your life dizzy and boring after a span of time. Work become hectic and seems to be a burden.

5) Lack of exposure
You cannot explore yourself in a comfortable life. You work like a dummy and dumb robot.

The youth of the present generation can do wonders only if they are diverted from profligacy. The squandering of money, resources and energy will land us only in troubles. So push your boundaries and try to explore yourself beyond your comfort zone

Adarsh Bajpai – The Reportist

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