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Be Creative Every day, Each hour and Every moment.

Isn’t it true? Leave the truth, isn’t it the right way to do anything in the whole planet. Let’s say you are doing daily job in IT sector, by saying so let me ask you How can you make your work creative and non repetitive?. Being creative is not limited to particular field of expertise. You know what is the best thing about it? It’s free of cost. Yes you heard it right, Yes you already knew it. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your creativity and apply it on your work.

No, No..I am not done yet. Are you convinced? No right? So I am going ahead with my statement. Being creative is free of cost. Now in this paragraph I am going to give you examples. There was a guy named ‘X’. Oh my bad, I am talking about being creative here, I am not going to use ‘X’. So there was a guy named “Christobristochistomistodisto” who was working in a firm named “Xylotylopilo”.

He was working as “Photocopier”. Let me make it real clear here that I don’t know what is the profession of guy so that’s why I called him “Photocopier”. He had this repetitive work of taking out photocopies for others. One day all of a sudden he started beatboxing using the photocopy machine voice as a base. Now, how cool is that?. He is now the best photocopier of the whole town and his sale is more than what we earn in a month. Be like “christobristochistomistodisto”. So being creative is the best investment you can do it on yourself to enjoy the maximum ROI.

No, No..I am not done yet. Are you convinced? No right? So I am going ahead with my statement. It’s time for fun facts. Here are 10 amazing facts you might now aware of being creative.

1) According to science of human behaviour, Most creative person live longer than non creative.

2) According to famous physcologist “Christobristochistomistodisto” (Yes, the same photocopy guy, he turned into philosopher after his idea of creating music while working) Creativity can make you rich faster than the speed of usain bolt.

3) Creativity will give you next birth with more virture and wealth.

4) Being creative will eventually give you superpowers of superman and batman combined.

5) Creative people can turn boredum place into a entertaining one. Atleast you can trust this one.

6) Being creative will make your love life awesome.

7) According to numerology, being creative will reduce your age and also prevent your skin from decading.

8) Oh wow, You guys really want 10 facts. Ok being creative will make you watch movies that are really creative. How about that huh?

9) Being creative will make you write anything in this point and let others skipped to 10th one.

10) If you start being creative like Now then You will be blessed throughout your life.

No, No..I am not done yet. Are you convinced? No right? So I am going ahead with my statement. Now After all this I am left with only one way. Begging! Please Try atleast once to start thinking out of the box. It will prevent you from the trap of Repetition.

Hey Hi, Thank you for stopping by and read my thing. I wish you all the creativity you are going to pull out in your life ahead.

Thanks and Regards
Your ideal idea of Happy life

Written by- Anshul Joshi

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