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Aging: The Brighter Side

AThere’s a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough to pay attention to the story. It is ironic enough that how we humans are so keen at our growth, however, we never realize, what the term actually means. It would be more subtle to say that we’ve stereotyped growth as per our needs, desires, and comfort. For instance, we would love if our salary figure grows with time but for the age, in that case, could be the worst nightmare for many. And why not? After spending bucks on anti-aging serums and other fading age signs miracles present in the market, what we eventually land up to is the inevitable visible age. The fountain of youth which we were busy fueling all these years suddenly starts drying. Sad (sigh)!

The phenomena of age seems to be detrimental to the state of mind of people. Unfortunately, a few grey hair strands in your twenties, some fine lines in your thirties could consume your one whole day. However, we never celebrate our understanding, adjustable, compassionate and responsible behaviour after every decade. Well is that not a consequence of us getting older and wiser?

Ageing, by all means, corresponds to growth. However, we mostly fail to recognize the beauty of ageing because we never embrace it as it comes. As we don’t accept it on the outer level, we never get to appreciate the wonders it does to us inside. Ageing positively consolidates better choices that we can make for the later period of our lives and gives us the opportunity to live our old age happily and delightfully active. Building a positive attitude towards life and its rules that would serve you a healthy mind and body in the later stage of your life is not a herculean task by the way. All you need to do is

All you need to do is :

● Stay physically active At least 20 to 30 minutes of physical exercise everyday could do miracles to your body while embracing what you love and seeking opportunities to exercise your mind through reading, writing, conversations, puzzle solving, debates etc would do that to your brain.

● Adopt a healthy lifestyle Healthy eating, moderate sleep, no smoking and drinking can help you feel fresh and energetic inside out.

● Stay connected to people Treasure and nurture your relationships with your partner, family, friends and neighbours. Remember other people matters too. Maintaining social interactions can help you feel more optimistic about life.

● Don’t sweat the small stuff Accept what you cannot do and ask for help. Yes, help!

● Minimize life stress Learn to unwind, relax and “smell the roses”. Practice mindfulness and live your life to its fullest.

● Have regular medical checkups Take advantages of health screenings and try to engage in preventive health behaviour.

Accept your limitations, embrace your age, create change in closed minds and have fun. “Youth is a gift of nature but aging is a work of art” – Stanislaw Jerry Lee. So next time before dreading about aging remember it is only us who can foster a positive attitude towards aging and find ourselves flourishing and growing old with grace. Happy Ageing!

Alkesha Chaudhary – The Reportist

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