Azaadiyan with ‘The Modern Poets’, Republic Day poetry event.

On the auspicious occasion of the Republic Day, a poetry meetup was organized by ‘THE MODERN POETS’ and ‘ONE CO WORK’ on 25th of January at Connaught Place. Many independent thoughts were bound together in the cafeteria of ‘ONE CO WORK’. Poets from all over India gathered together to share their poetries and stories on this platform.

The show was hosted by Adarsh Bajpai who is also a member of ‘The Modern Poets’. Several other poets who accentuated the show were Rakesh Dogra, Pallavi Mahajan, Dewansh, Shraddha, Akash, Shivendra Singh and Aman Jaiswal. Aftab Alam with his nazm “Ae Vatan” loaded the atmosphere with patrotism.

From Indian independence to drawbacks in Indian society, from hate to love and peace, enormous topics were covered and spoken fearlessly on this stage. Tremendous enthusiasm was seen among the poets as well as in listeners. Poetries on such vast topics mesmerized the listeners and poets made home in their heart.

Such evenings have proved to be meaningful and important to bring out the thoughts of young India. Also such platforms enhance the confidence of silent writers and boost their moral to face the world without any hesitation. ‘THE MODERN POETS’ and ‘ONE CO WORK’ have planned many more such events for future which will be accessible to all listeners and performers on their various social media platforms.

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