A Threat to Democracy?

Democracy, as we all know, is a form of government in which every person has a right to vote at a legal age (18 in India). India is a country which has people of different caste, religion, complexion etc. but are living together and sharing the resources with each other blithely.

Value of each vote in our country is equal. We choose our representative so that they can work for us according to our needs and help us to get access to our various basic resources like education, electricity etc. But what keeps me awake is the method of electing our leader. Are these Electronic Voting Machines safe enough to put our votes on? The elections conducted by these EVMs are free and fair or not?

The political parties have always questioned the Election Commission of India and the government, regarding the security of EVM, from the threats like hacking. Recently an event was conducted in London where an American Cyber Expert said that EVMs in India were hacked. Even many political leaders and election commissions were invited to this event, but no one turned up. Even they couldn’t manage to send their representatives as well.

Election Commission has always been stating that EVMs can never be hacked but no serious enquiry has been carried out till date. Serious action needs to be taken as the dominance of one person over the power is not only a threat to the nation but is also a threat to the democracy.

Image source- Webduniya

Government of a particular country decides the fortune and misfortune of its people. Democracy is the key which provides each and every individual equal rights and opportunities to participate in the development of nation irrespective of whatever religion, caste, society, race he belongs to. We need to protect our democracy as threat to democracy is a threat to the sovereignty of our nation.


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