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Police arrests 3 more people involved in cow slaughter, Bulandshahr mob violence.

Three men have been arrested for alleged cow slaughter and 2 for instigating violence in Bulandshahr on Tuesday.

The whole incident began on December 3rd when the mob attacked a group of Police Officers with stones and bullets resulting in the death of two persons which also includes one Police Cop. The name of the cop was Subodh Kumar Singh and the reason of the attack was cow carcasses which were found in a jungle near Bulandshahr. An FIR was filed against those 27 named people and about 50 unidentified one. But according to the Police cops, the mob was of more than 400 people who attacked them, when they went there to bring the situation under control.

The police arrested men Nadeem, Raees and Kala and recovered a gypsy, a meat chopper, two double barrel guns and some knives. The Police claimed these items to be used in the crime. The Police are yet to track down the main accused in the Inspector’s killing.

Rajni Singh, Inspector Subodh Kumar’s wife in an interview said that when I met the CM of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Yogi Aditya Nath after the incident, back then I was assured justice within a couple of days but the murderer is still roaming free. She also added that if the things goes in the same manner then no mother will allow her son to join the Police force in the coming days. 

The Police says they need more time to interrogate the case carefully and will update the media with any further details coming into the matter.

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