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ISRO PSLV-C43 Successfully launches HysIS and 30 foreign satellites in low earth orbit.

The seperation of all the 31 satellites took 1 hour 53 minutes after the lift off making PSLV’s third longest mission.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully accomplished its PSLV- C43 satellite launch mission by placing India’s Hyper Spectral Imaging Satellite (HysIS) and 30 other commercial satellites into low-earth orbit.

HysIS also labeled as ‘Sharp eye‘ is ISRO’s newest earth observation satellite in Orbit. It aims to provide India with various imaging capabilities for a variety of purposes. It includes agriculture, forestry and assessing geological conditions in coastal zones inland waterways and land.

An hour and a half later, the rocket released its second co-passenger — the Malaysian science experiment InnoSAT 2, followed by the remaining 29 nano satellites in quick, 10-second intervals.

In its 13th flight of the Core-Alone version and 45 launch of the PSLV, ISRO carried one satellite each from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Malaysia, Netherlands and Spain, and 23 satellites from the USA on board as co-passengers of the HysIS.

ISRO Chairman K.Sivan answered for the question that whether HysIS could be used for anti-terror operation also? He said ISRO’s job was only to build the satellite, but did not rule out such a possibility. “Our duty is to mainly build the satellite which can precisely identify an object. The usage…we are not bothering. That depends on the users. Right now it is meant for Earth Observation missions. But after seeing the results, maybe….but it’s not in our hands,”

Praising the ISRO team for making HysIS Mr. Sivan further more added “The heart of the system required for the HysIS satellite is basically an optical imaging detector chip. This chip has been indigenously designed by Space Application Centre of ISRO and fabricated at our semi-conductor lab at Chandigarh. I am sure that team ISRO can be proud that they are really giving an excellent space asset to India,”

The team of ISRO is being congratulated from each part of the country for their magnificent work.

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