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Delhi Police rescued 4 Tanzanian and 2 Africans.

New Delhi : 4 Tanzanians and 2 Africans were rescued last night by Delhi Police after they got attacked at severals places in the city. The incident began when Delhi police received multiple calls on Thursday between 7 to 7:30 pm regarding the crowd gathering and abduction case.
According to the reports when police arrived, they saw a huge mob of around 200 people in front of a house in kakrola Dwarka. The crowd told the police that the people inside the house are cannibals and also they are involved in a abduction case. Later police dispersed the crowd and rescued 4 Tanzanian women and 2 Nigerian nationals. The residents claimed that these people have kidnapped a 15 year old child and eaten his flesh.
Well police claims it to be a rumour after the investigation and states no proof against the cannibalism and abduction things. It is believed that the calls were the hoax calls and any action against the mob who attacked these people has not been taken.
More details in the incident awaited.

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